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Systems and data

We have a few small checks to carry out first, including agreeing our T&C’s and anti money laundering checks, before we can get started. We’ll then take care of the integration with our software. We either create a new cloud accounts file or take over your existing cloud licence. Receipt Bank is then incorporated to manage costs and expenses, and finally our Fathom reporting tool is the business icing on the cake.

After this we will attach your organisation’s bank accounts and make sure they are synced into the software. If you have employees, we’ll set up payroll and import their details as well.

It’s important that the right people can access your online information, so we can help create access rights for you and your team.

Our add on services can migrate up to two years of historic accountancy data and create bespoke invoicing templates or management reports for you. Some data is easier to migrate than others so give us a call and we can talk through your options.

If you’re still at the ‘idea stage’, we can even create a business or organisation for you. Need a company? Considering registering for VAT? About to take the plunge and employ someone? No problem, we can help.


We can provide you with the intelligence and support you need to improve your business performance. We have lots of online resources available to guide you through the day to day management of the software that you can refer back to anywhere, at any time.

From a 45 minute overview to a short guide on how to raise an invoice, there is a wealth of knowledge.
All the software is designed for non-accountants so after a few goes, it will feel like you’ve been using it forever.

Having said that we do appreciate that sometimes you need to speak to a real person, so you can call KS Connect on 0808 281 0830.

Management information

We like to keep a single data source where possible so we are keen for you to raise any invoices directly in QuickBooks. You can send them by email or post directly to your customers. We can also do this for you as an add-on service.

By using QuickBooks for this and matching invoices to your bank receipts, we can keep your outstanding sales ledger up to date so you know who has paid you and crucially who hasn’t!

If you want to automate how you chase your debts, we can introduce an additional service that sends debt chasing emails at regular intervals. Easy.

Business Advisory

In most cases, whenever you spend money, you will receive an invoice or receipt that needs to be accounted for. This process can be automated too so that the data is extracted and a digital copy is held in the cloud and linked to the accounts software. No more scrabbling around shoe boxes full of records!

The first step is to convert any paper documents to digital images – scanning to pdf’s or taking a picture on a phone using an app both work well. Alongside this, your suppliers who already email you directly with invoices can send them to a dedicated email address for processing.

The software then takes over. Optical character recognition technology extracts the data from the digital copy and posts it to the accounts. We can have an authorisation level before the posting, if appropriate. Sometimes words or numbers can’t be recognised (handwritten taxi receipts!) so these are manually input by the software providers.

Once the invoice is in the accounts, any payments on credit cards and from bank accounts are then matched.
This works really well for employee expenses too. The software can track the last four digits of a payment card printed on a receipt and allocate this to a particular member of your team.

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